Saturday, December 1, 2012

To my Palestinian Friends - 29th November 2012

To my Palestinian friends and to all people who yearn for freedom to live their lives in dignity:
Mabruk on the UN vote. This is historic. Hopefully, one day very soon, there will be an independent democratic Palestinian state – a state no longer under occupation, a state which promises and implements freedom for all of its citizens.
If/when the Netanyahu-Lieberman parties win the upcoming Israeli elections in January, and, once again, form the government, it is hard to imagine that good things will be on the horizon – for either the Israelis or the Palestinians.  These parties and 'leaders', which exhibit arrogance and anti-democratic, anti social-justice and fascist lines, are a danger to us all.
But let us rejoice in the moment and continue to work for a region that can be a much better and healthier place for all Palestinians and Israelis.
We are often the pawns in the dangerous and destructive 'games' of war. Instead of our leaders protecting us, and initiating processes that can create good, solid societies that care for their citizens, we find ourselves caught in a web of hatred and violence, that bears little, if any, resemblance to social justice, human dignity, and peace.
Let us rejoice in the moment - when change appears possible and disregard of human dignity is publicly recognized as being unacceptable.
Let us rejoice in the moment and keep our eyes, minds and hearts focused on the prize of freedom, justice and peace.

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  1. Thank you Julia for your wonderful blog. I met you last October when our delegation visited you at Kibbutz Urim and was very moved by your story and your decision to maintain solidarity with your Palestinian friends through Other Voice. I share your posts with many friends who are interested in what I learned in Israel/Palestine. I hope I can help push the US government to support a just peace. Please keep writing and best wishes to you.