Thursday, July 7, 2011

You Laugh so Hard that You Cry

As the weather and the political-security situation heats up here in Israel, here are news flashes, quotes and media reports guaranteed to put a smile on your face, before you break down in tears:

The first one, written by Emmett Gilles, and published in Haa'retz, gets the comic relief prize for Absurdity. The piece is entitled -
In Israel, the soldiers pray for peace. An American intern beholds the power and beauty he sees in the Israel Defense forces

(see the link for the full story -

The second comic relief prize, in the category of Spin City, goes to PM Bibi Netanyahu for his statement today broadcast on the radio: "There is no siege on Gaza."

To my dear Gazan friends: I hope you heard this. There is no siege on Gaza. You must have been imagining it. You are quite free to move around...(This must be true since our PM said it was)

The third comic relief prize, in the category of Keystone Cops, goes to the police and other security agencies for their operation at Ben Gurion Airport - code name STUPID - Stop Unwanted People from Insisting on Democracy

(A link to the details can be found here - )

The fourth comic relief prize, in the category of Ridiculous Hasbara (propaganda) for Israel goes to the producers of this youtube video about the first Flotilla:

And the fifth comic relief prize, in the category of This Land is My (Jewish) Land, This Land is NOT your (Bedouin) Land, goes to the Israeli police and to the Knesset, for their dedication to repeatedly destroying the unrecognized Bedouin village, Al Arakib, and then passing a law that would charge the 'homeowners' for the demolitions...

(more details can be found at )

And so our summer comedies get off to a resounding start, with real competition over the prizes.

They would be so funny, if they were not so sad.
And hateful
And immoral
And dangerous

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