Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boycott the Boycott Law

Last night the Knesset - our Israeli parliament in our democratic country - voted in favor of the Boycott Bill. 

47 lawmakers said yes and only 38 lawmakers said no. Our Prime Minister and Minister of Defense decided to keep away from the Knesset floor during the vote.  

The new law, which had backing from the cabinet, makes it a civil offense to initiate sanctions against anyone or any group within Israel's territory, including the West Bank. Anyone that initiates such sanctions is now subject to litigation.

Opposition to the bill focused mainly on one point, which unfortunately, appears to be minor and unimportant to those who support it: It is anti-democratic. It harms basic rights.

A number of organizations are now planning on challenging the legality of the law in Israel's Supreme Court.

This is a law that tries to force us to accept the settlements.
To accept the Occupation.
To accept the oppression of another people.

The passage of this law proves that when a society discriminates and acts violently against another people, it also turns its discrimination and violence against its own people. That when a society harms the rights of another people, it eventually harms the rights of its own people.

We will all stand now as we lower our flag to half-mast to mourn the loss of democracy and freedom.



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