Friday, July 15, 2011

First They Came for the Boycotters...

As our democracy slips further and further into the Mediterranean, it is past time to wake up.
The New World Order is upon us, and a sad one it is at that.

First, there was the boycott law (see information on law and Association for Civil Rights response here )

Then there was the proposed law to investigate Israeli human rights organizations (see Ha'aretz article on this proposed law )

Then there was the proposal to have kindergarden children begin each week with a raising of the flag and the singing of Hatikva (and see the Haa'retz op-ed on this initiative )

My dear Israeli (and other) friends: WE HAVE ENTERED THE DOOR OF THE FASCIST STATE. If we do not take notice and change course, we will only have ourselves to blame for what follows.

I sadly close this week with new verses to a well-known poem -

First they came for the boycotters, but I loved my Ahava lotion, so I did not speak out
Then they came for the human rights organizations, but I was busy planning my vacation, so I did not speak out
Then they came for the parents who did not want their babies to have to sing Hatikva every Sunday morning, but I was busy buying my grandson a new toy car, so I did not speak out
Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out

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