Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our social revolution is here - Hallelujah!

In the spring, we had the social workers' strike, that called for social reform, decent pay, decent working conditions

Then the doctors' strike began - and is still going strong - that hopes to save the public health system

The cottage cheese revolution took off soon after - and prices of milk products decreased

For weeks, the housing revolution  has been a hit throughout the country - as tent cities spring up from north to south, since so few can afford houses, let alone apartments...

The Histadrut (the largest Labor Union) is now joining in, giving its full support

The students from throughout the universities and colleges call for fair tuition, so that we can have an educated society

And our the mothers, fathers, grandparents and children join the social struggle, in the stroller demonstration that will make it possible to raise a child without going bankrupt

And today, we also learn about the protests of the dairy farmers, who are demanding that they and their families do not go thirsty, as the government tries to cut milk prices

The system is rotten
It favors the very very very rich
and leaves the rest of us to try to make due
The present government is one that is busy passing anti-democratic laws
and sowing more hatred between the citizens - Jews and Palestinians, religious and secular
sowing more fear between Israelis and Palestinians
worrying only about the very very very rich

Our social revolution is here - Hallelujah!
Governments that devise systems against their citizens do not have the right to remain in power
Our country is for all of us - Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, men, women, secular, religious, younger, older. If we do not care for one another, no one else will

Our social revolution is here - Hallelujah!
More strength and power to every single person joining in the call for a more socially and economically just society.

Our social revloution is here - HALLELUJAH!

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