Wednesday, July 24, 2013

If you will it, it will come - Give the peace process a chance

Everyone is writing why the peace process won't work. People from the right-wing are writing this and people from the left-wing are writing this. Experts and political analysts from different political leanings are saying that the process is doomed to failure, that Abu Mazen/Netanyahu (depending on whether you are Palestinian or Israeli) are betraying their people, that those who believe something can finally move are either naive or delusional.

I say - you all may be right, but how about if we give it a chance?
How about if we all put our efforts into demanding a just peace agreement and tell our leaders (yes, even though we voted for the other guy) that we demand peace and an end to the Occupation and endless wars and violence and we will do everything we can as ordinary citizens to support such a process

 How about if we stop criticizing every move that Kerry or Abu Mazen or Netanyahu makes to make something finally happen and say - We support your efforts to end this once and for all.
How about if we say to the myriad of political analysts and experts - from the left and from the right - from the Palestinians and from the Israelis -  who continue to say that the process is doomed - that we need you to draw upon your expertise to offer solid ideas that can make it happen. I do not doubt your expertise, but I am troubled and saddened that you have no hope that a true change can happen.
Share your professional wisdom, but do not allow your fears to 'prove' that we should bury the peace process before it takes its first baby steps.

How about if we make our voices clear:
We demand a just peace and know that it can happen.
We demand rights for all Palestinians and Israelis and know that there is a way to ensure that both peoples can live lives of dignity.
We demand an end to this endless war.

You - Abu Mazen and Netanyahu - are our leaders and we support your efforts to make this happen.
Kerry - you got us to this point, don't stop now.
And while you are working on making this happen - remember that it also has to happen between Gaza-Israel as well!