Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dear Foreign Governments and Foundations - We Accept Dollars and Euros, VISA and Master Card

A short story, from today:

Once upon a time, in a place called the Holy Land, there was an attempt to have a democratic society. But democracy meant securing and ensuring freedom, and rights, and equality, and diversity for all of its citizens, not only those who belonged to a certain people, and the ministers could not have that.

The ministers gathered together to put an end to this monster, democracy, that had been created. They gathered information about human rights groups, that called attention to injustices and discrimination. They  quaked with fear, as they saw that these groups published their findings, spoke out loud about justice and peace, and about infringements of these rights, and went looking for support for these ideas outside of the borders of the land.

The ministers saw that foreign powers, and foreign foundations liked this idea of democracy and equality, and were willing to invest money in such projects, so that freedom could ring throughout the land. This became intolerable.

"It is a terrible thing to fight for human rights. It goes against everything we stand for. We cannot allow voices to cry out when there are injustices. It is suicidal for our society to back human rights group. We must do everything in our power to stop human rights groups from hanging our dirty laundry out for all to see"
cried the Israeli ministers.

"Stop the funding! Shut the mouths!
cried the Israeli ministers

"Enough with these bleeding hearts."
shrilled Knesset Member Fania Kirschenbaum

"Show the traitors what for!"
growled Minister of Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman.

 "Those anti-Semitic foreigners never understand us" bemoaned Likud MKs Tzipi Hotovely and Ofir Akunis, who sponsored bills to cut funding, and to place high taxes on any group that dared to fight for democracy. "We will have another Shoah if we allow human rights groups to work here!  As always, the whole world is against us"

"Children, you have my blessings" said Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, as he patted them on their heads. "We will put an end to this travesty, and make sure that human rights are erased from our land."

And the words

were erased from the language of the Holy Land.

The ministers and Knesset members slept very well that night, content that they had defeated the monster of humanity. 
Things did not go so well for the ordinary people. They tossed and turned, and broke out into cold sweats. They tried desparately to wake up from the frightening and dark nightmares, but, unfortunately, found no respite. 

Dear foreign funders - stand with us as we tell our ministers and Knesset members that they do not frighten us.
They try to erase democracy, rights, freedom, equality, justice and peace, from our vocabulary and from our land They have tried, but they will not succeed.
We will continue to fight for human rights.
We will double and triple our efforts.
We accept dollars and euros, VISA and Master Card.
Thank you for your continued, and larger donations.

For those of you who can stomach reading the details, you are invited to read about how Israeli ministers have backed bills to limit funding for Israeli human rights groups (read the Ha'aretz story here)


  1. Powerful, very. I shared it wherever I could.

    InshAllah,salaam alaykom - Shalom alainu, be'ezrat HaShem!!

  2. Julia, Many of us here in the US are "singing the same song" to our administration. We want our country to stand up for justice, peace and human rights wherever it is needed. I grieve that we have not stood up for the Human Rights groups there in Israel and Palestine. We too, will double our efforts.

  3. 1) There was NEVER option for non-racist Zionist state. Zionism means anti-goy racism. Period.

    2) So, all this above story is not real.

    3) Once upon a time, in a place called the Holy Land, there was an attempt to have a state for Jews on Palestinian land. Ethnic cleansing was used, but, still some non-Jews stayed. So, Israel the Jewish state in Palestine was born. All else is history - and modern day reality.
    4) Now the future of the racist Zionist state is more than ever under doubt. Zionists are paniking. They are ready to get rid even of some fig leaves, i.e. "democracy". Nothing really new there.
    5) With the end of Zionism the problem of "democracy for Jews only" will be non-relevant.
    6)So, the real thing is to call for the fast end of a Zionist colonial enetprise. All else is a waste of time.