Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I am trying to figure out why Netanyahu, and some others in his cabinet, hate us - the people  - so. Have we been so bad to him/them that they feel the need to punish us, and perhaps put us in mortal danger?

The news is filled with discussions concerning our (Israel's) possible attack on Iran's nuclear development sites (read the Ha'aretz story here). There are 'experts' in favor and against; some say that we must bomb them, in order to prevent another Shoah. Others say that if we do bomb them, then all of our lives will be in terrible danger, as thousands of rockets will be rained down upon from us, from the North to the South.  This will not be a war of army versus army, but rather one in which civilians are the targets, and the ones who will pay the price.

But the voices of attacks agains Iran are growing
and stronger
and stronger

In my professional opinion - THIS IS NUTS.

Why must we always look for another enemy, someone else to fight, another country to threaten? What is the reasoning behind continuing to make more and more enemies in our region of the world. We live in this world. We live in this region. Wouldn't it make more sense to work on creating sustainable neighborly relations than creating more war?

We have a very cold peace with Jordan and Egypt. Who knows how long those will last? We occupy Palestine - in the West Bank - and  the Gaza Strip through the siege and total control of its land borders, air space, and sea. We have hostile relations with Lebanon and Syria, which are our immediate neighbors, and have threats going back and forth between us and Iran.

Now do not get me wrong. Ahmadinejad is VERY, VERY dangerous. He is unpredictable, he is cruel to his own people, he is a tyrant, anti-Semitic and a Holocaust denier. He does not believe in democracy and free choice and women's rights; heck he has no interest in people's rights of any kind.

But playing this war game with him and outwardly threatening to attack his country is unnecessary and dangerous escalation. It is playing with fire, and we are the ones who will be burned.

All of our social psychology research tells us, that when you relate to the other as an enemy,  they respond in kind. All of our social psychology research has taught us, that when we enter into competition with the other, then the other does the same, and our relationship becomes consumed by the need to try to beat the other. The concept of cooperation disappears. 

We have a government that only knows to threaten and bully and bring up the Shoah in every sentence to justify every offensive tactic we make. We have no clue how to think in different ways that do not involve extreme military strength.


Oftentimes, our neighbors are no better than us (what is happening in Syria is a crime against humanity, for sure), but this does not make our actions okay. They (Syria, Iran) are wrong and we are wrong.

Dear Mr. Netanyahu, DO NOT BOMB IRAN. Do not put our lives in further danger. Do not look for another enemy to lash out at. Do not threaten and threaten and threaten countries closer and further away, do not punish and punish and punish the Palestinians by keeping their borders sealed, the checkpoints in place, and by building more and more houses in settlements on the little territory the Palestinians have left.

You say you want peace. Then do it. Just do it.
You say you care about our security - then do something to ensure it.
You say that you will not let Israeli citizens be harmed - then stop harming us.

Enough with the threats.
באמת - מספיק
(Really - it's enough)


  1. Focus on peace not war.

  2. In fact Mr. Netanyahu doesn't know that his people in Israel are living in very good condition of life with strong economy comparing with its neighbours ,instead of looking to make peace of his enemies and give the palestinian the right to establish their own state to enable him to do good releation with arab contries as well Muslims ,he insistes to attack once the Palestinian and Lebanies ,moreover looking to bomb Iran which is very dangerous country now .
    I recommend you have to make peace with your enemies is better for the life of your people it's not football game .