Saturday, March 10, 2012

The bombs and rockets bursting in air, and on the ground, and wounding and killing people

Happy Purim!
So far in this latest round, that began yesterday afternoon when Israel killed one of the heads of the Popular Resistance, the Israeli air force killed 12 Gazans (militants) and wounded 13 (just ordinary people) and Gazan militants have fired over 40 rockets into Israel with 8 wounded, one seriously.

The music of our lives goes like this:
boom boom boom boom boom boom
siren, siren, siren
boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
boom boom boom boom
boom boom boom boom

all through the night, and now into the morning

Happy Purim!

Why is it that our 'leaders' only know war? Did they not learn other words in school? Such as justice, peace, freedom, co-existence, acceptance? Perhaps those words are too long. So much easier to learn one word -  'war.'

War - it's a short but ugly word
War - it's a short word that harms others for a long, long, long time

I have been texting one of my friends in Gaza, who goes by the alias Soul Gaza. Our messages are suprisingly (or not) similar - here there are booms, there there are booms, we bomb them, they shoot rockets at us, here our house shakes, there her's shakes as well, there they can't sleep, here we can't sleep.

Siren, boom boom, siren, boom boom boom
(I know some better songs)

I am out of ideas for getting the message across to our 'leaders' that WE ARE FED UP WITH BEING  PRISONERS IN YOUR WAR. Another letter? Another petition? Another demonstration? They just don't get it, because the only word they know is war... this short, but very ugly word.

Stay safe, Soul(s) of Gaza. To my dear friends in our region (which has now become so much of the country), stay safe

Siren, siren, siren
boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom

We know better songs. But nobody is singing along with us meanwhile.


  1. Happy Purim Julia. Your creative way to stay sain in face of all the booooom boom madness around is inspiring... it suggests as you often do a different prespective and way .Thank you. Stay safe. Anat

  2. Gerburg Rohde-DahlMarch 17, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    Dear Julia,
    I feel and know your embarrasment. I am 74 years old now and still hearing the whistling of the falling bombs, still hearing the crash, still feeling the relief, because hearing the crash means it's not your place, where the bomb landed. I still feel the frightened, mute, helpless questions of myself as a child: Who is the one doing that to me? Who is this demon of enemy?! Also human like me?
    If the wounds are not solved, they will break open again and again, booooming again and again into madness.
    Therefore we don't give up, we stay resisting, as we are weak but strong in the same way. We will support each other, eyeryone in his place, we will not end to encourage each other as we can only resist in love. Nobody can take that from us.
    Gerburg from Germany