Sunday, March 11, 2012

If you thought it was over, it's not

Here we are in day three of our renewed, ever frustrating, ever angering, ever senseless violence with our neighbors in the Gaza Strip.

It has been quieter on my kibbutz since yesterday (Saturday) morning, but all around people are suffering. Rockets of shorter and longer range in:
Eshkol regional council
Sha'ar ha negev regional council
Ashkelon shores regional council
Beer Sheva
Gan Yavneh

and all the places around and in between
it is unclear how many people have been wounded - at least one seriously and two moderate to light, but many are suffering anxiety and distress.

(As I write these lines, I need to take back that statement about the quiet here; we just had one siren, one medium boom and one VERY big boom - it must have been close)

In Gaza - at least 16 killed (one of them a teenager) and 12 wounded
(and how many more suffering anxiety and distress?)

How can one not feel distress?
Your heart beats fast, and it hurts in your chest
You jump every time you hear something that sort of, kind of, sounds like a siren
Every strong sound, even from your neighbor banging a nail into his wall to hang up a picture, sounds like a boom
You check the internet every 10 minutes to see if you missed anything, and feel guilty when you see that you missed that a grad hit cars in Beer Sheva and a school (thank heavens, that was empty), and relieved that it didn't hit your community
You don't sleep very well
You don't want to talk about it, or think about it
You can't stop from talking about it, or thinking about it

Gazan militants (whoever you are) - HALAS
For the English speakers - ENOUGH

(My ears are still ringing, and I am still shaking a bit - I'll try to be calmer tomorrow)

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