Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Three Stooges at the Israeli Airport meet the Keystone Cops on the Jordan Valley Bike Ride in Palestine

Thank Heavens that they did not let those pro-Palestinian supporters into Israel! You know, the ones who wanted to go to Bethlehem to show solidarity with the Palestinians who, for some reason, do not appreciate living under Occupation.

I can only say: "Thank you police, army, and government for keeping us safe from those people who wanted to go to the city where Jesus was born to call out for freedom, a few days after we finished our Jewish holiday of Pesach - that is about freedom and liberation from slavery and injustices. THANK YOU!"

I also wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Keystone Cops, and mainly Lt. Col. Eisner, who kept us all very safe by stopping those anarchists, who were riding those killer bicycles (we KNOW that they had to be anarchists since anyone who belongs to a movement with the word "solidarity" in it, must be an anarchist, just like Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lech Walesa, for example). Furthermore, although this has not yet been proven, I am sure that they were using their bikes as a decoy, just to throw the army off guard. They must have had some weapons, like water balloons or whistles, tucked away next to their energy bars.

Thank you Lt. Col. Eisner for such quick thinking! Wow - a blow to the face of one of those killer cyclists from Denmark, with your rifle butt. Can you believe the nerve of that Dane! He wasn't even wearing a helmet for safety. I guess he got what he deserved.

The Three Stooges (and their hundreds of extras) who kept those Palestinian supporters from entering our country and the Keystone Cops (see video above) led by Eisner, have made me and my fellow Israelis feel much, much safer. I was worried there for awhile, that Israel's worldwide hasbara campaign had fallen on hard times. But thanks to our men and women in blue, khaki, and plain clothes, our hasbara team will no longer be unemployed. Another sign of Israel's quick and forward-looking thinking, that keeps our economy strong!

With our neighbors?
End the occupation?
Honoring human rights?

Not in our back(front) yard. Not as long as we have the Three Stooges and the Keystone Cops to keep us here in Israel safe!


  1. ouch.
    accurate but painful.
    praying for a turn around soon!

  2. Thank you Julia, bitter humor is a good weapon!