Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Tears of joy when hearing this amazing news
He has been in captivity for 1934 days - 5 years and 4 months
and finally he will be freed

Our army drafted him, as it drafts all of our sons and daughters
Our country, our army, sent him to the border to protect us, and after his capture, it became our - Israeli government's - duty to do everything it could to bring him home. It is painful that it took so long, but it is wonderful that it finally is happening.

Gilad, could have just as easily been my son, or your son, or yours...
Gilad was 19 at the time of his capture, still a child (for sure, in a mother's eyes)
Five years and four months of precious life that were taken from him.
Thank heavens that his punishment stops now, stops here

Gilad is coming home, to his family, to his community, to his friends, to his country.
Gilad is coming home after having lived through horrific experiences, that most of us cannot imagine, express in words. He will need all of our ongoing support and love, not just for the first few days, but for many, many, many days to come.

To Gilad, Aviva and Noam, to the family: Tears of joy at your wonderful news

this news gives us hope that this new year CAN be different
this news gives us hope that when the Prime Minister and his government choose to act differently, they can do it
this news gives us hope that mercy and caring and love can overcome feelings of vengeance and retribution

Dear Gilad - welcome home. ברוך שובך הביתה

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