Monday, October 24, 2011

Occupy "Occupy"!

The Occupy Wall Street movement has taken over the world. Though the movement didn't begin in Manhattan, but rather in the Arab world, everyone now is adopting the slogan, as millions of people are demonstrating for social-economic-political justice in their own corners of the world.

Demonstrating for social-economic-political rights and justice is important, as is keeping a sense of humor. Here are some occupy photos that will hopefully keep both (the fight for justice and the humor) going.


                                              Occupy Tel-Aviv

                                                  Occupy Wall Street

                                              Occupy Sydney

                                              Occupy Madrid

                                                  Occupy Manila

                                                 Occupy Refrigerator

                                                Occupy Cookie Jars

                   In the Palestine case, probably need to rethink using slogan here ...

                                           Occupy Outer Space (in general)

                              Occupy Outer Space (more locally)

and now my personal favorite:

(If you stop getting messages from me about new blog posts, it may be because I was arrested by the Mazkir (mayor) of the Kibbutz for protesting for more justice here ... Please send letters of support and chocolate to my husband, and I will ask him to pass them on to me when he comes to visit...)

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