Friday, June 17, 2011

First the Cottage Cheese Revolution - Then the White Cheese Revolution. Coming Soon - The Peace Revolution

Israel has joined the (Arab) world and has begun it's own revolution:
The Cottage Cheese Revolution

As has been reported in the media, Facebook-inspired protests finally reached the Holy Land. On Wednesday, a container of cottage cheese was slammed on Netanyahu's desk in the Knesset by opposition lawmakers who joined the call to "boycott cottage," due to sharp increases in prices.

Tzipi Livni, who heads the opposition told Bibi:"The cottage cheese boycott is a protest against injustice, against the social gaps that have flourished under your watch."

The call to boycott cottage - the Hebrew word for the cheese - began on Facebook after manufacturers announced that a 250 gram tub would cost 8 NIS ($2.35; euro 1.65.) This is a price rise to be taken seriously, given that Israel's residents really like cottage cheese, consuming anually about 600 million shekels ($176 million; 122 million euros) worth of the cheese.

After the call went out on Facebook, one follower wrote: "I love cottage, but not at any price." The protest quickly made front page headlines in Yediot Aharonot. - Israel's largest newspaper. In response, Israel's largest supermarket chain took out a full-page ad offering a 1 + 1 free cottage deal.

After the issue reached the Knesset, Finance Minister Steinitz announced that he would consider allowing dairy product imports in an attempt to boost competition and help reduce prices. And late last night, the word went out that the cheese revolution had just begun, with white soft cheese - gvina livana - next on the revolutionary agenda

I like cottage cheese, a bit more than I like white cheese (but both are good - Israel knows how to make delicious cheeses).

However, I like peace even more.

Perhaps if the cottage cheese revolution succeeds soon (and it's looking good), and the white cheese revolution follows quickly in its footsteps, we will be able to finally get to the peace revolution.

I know - it's a long shot - but imagine ordinary people and opposition leaders being swept along by the revolutionary atmosphere, taking out ads in newspapers, converging on Rabin Square in Tel Aviv and Zion Square  in Jerusalem, and slamming a peace manifesto on Bibi's desk:

We've saved cottage
          We've saved gvina levana
                    Now let's save ourselves - give peace a chance




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