Thursday, June 16, 2011

Freedom flotilla 2 to Gaza

The second Freedom Flotilla to Gaza is expected to set sail at the end of June. This time the flotilla will have 15 ships, with passengers and ships coming from many European countries. Their publicized aim is to bring humanitarian aid - materials for schools and for medical clinics -  as well as materials for construction.

Most Israelis see this flotilla as an attempted terror attack on Israel. They believe that the passengers are not coming for humanitarian reasons, but rather to challenge Israel's legitimacy, at the least, or cause us physical harm, at the worst.

I know some of the people who will be joining the flotilla, and they are not terrorists - they are kind people who cannot sit quietly by and let the 4 year siege on Gaza continue. They cannot sit quiety by without protesting the collective punishment that does harm to too many innocent people.

I do not know all of the people planning to come, nor do I know for sure that there will be no weapons on board any of the ships, or what plans some of the passengers may indeed have.

Therefore, I cannot advocate support of this flotilla. However, I AM coming out in support  of ENDING THE SIEGE ON GAZA.

Chalas - Dai - Enough

We don't need 15 ships from elsewhere to tell us that the siege is wrong
We don't need 1500 passengers from around the world to tell us that the siege is wrong
We know that collectively punishing an entire population is an immoral act, one that has not brought the end of the Hamas, has not ended the conflict, has not brought back Gilad Shalit

Let us start our own - Israeli - freedom call to end the siege, to rebuild our relations with our Gazan neighbors and to let us all live in peace and dignity. 

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