Monday, June 20, 2011

No need to threaten - just end the siege

In today's - June 20th - Haaretz, the following appears:

Israel's navy is going ahead with preparations to stymie a planned flotilla slated to attempt to break the blockade on Gaza in two weeks, despite the fact that the Turkish group IHH has pulled out of the effort.

Israeli security experts believe that flotilla participants could violently oppose the navy's effort to stop the ships and plan to bring photographers with them to document any resistance they face.

There is a way to prevent this possible injury and loss of life:
We can end the siege.
Yes we can

* We can make the decision on our own

* We can make (further) arrangements to safeguard the checkpoints and passage ways, without collectively punishing everyone in the Gaza Strip

* We can finally publicly admit that the siege did not end Hamas rule, did not bring back Gilad Shalit, did not stop the rocket attacks

Ending the siege does NOT mean accepting Hamas' non-acceptance of our State. It does mean that we end taking out our anger and need for revenge against ordinary people who are not responsible for the rocket attacks, or for the continued holding of Gilad Shalit

We all desperately want to see the rocket attacks end completely
We all desperately want to see Gilad Shalit home with his family
We all desperately want a normal life here in the Negev

Continuing the siege on Gaza deepens the problem, does not solve it in any way.

End the siege so that the Freedom Flotilla 2 will have NO reason to try to make its way to the Gazan shores

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