Friday, June 24, 2011

Why should we take away more rights? (We shouldn't)

One day, Inshalla, B'ezrat Ha Shem, God Willing, we will bring about an end to the conflict, to the Occupation and to the Siege. One day, Inshalla, B'ezrat HaShem, God Willing, we will learn to legitimate one another's claim to this place, and respect one another as people. One day, Inshalla, B'ezrat HaShem, God Willing, we will all know what it feels like to enjoy full civil and human rights.

It is our responsibility to work toward that day. And to make that day last a long, long, long, long time - Inshalla, B'ezrat HaShem, God Willing, forever.

These are some things that we (Israelis and Palestinians) do NOT need to do:
Take away the rights that the Palestinian political prisoners have in our jails.

Keep the Red Cross from visiting Gilad Shalit, and keep him from the few rights he is entitled to while in captivity

Make continued threats to one another

Continue to blame the other for the mess we are in

Amal elSana Alh'jooj, who was this year's co-recipient of the Goldberg Prize for Peace in the Middle East, said in her acceptance speech: "When I point a finger at you, and blame you for my troubles, then I disregard the three fingers that remain pointed back at me; I ignore my responsibility for bringing about a real change."

There are so many better things to do with fingers and hands...

We can:
shake hands
intertwine fingers
wave (and smile)
stretch with them for the sky

There is no need to take away rights from people. It causes them pain. There is no need to point fingers. It not only cramps our hand, but keeps us from opening ourselves up to the possibility that the other, "the enemy" can help lift us up out of the needless violence and pain to a much better place for all.

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