Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sarah Silverman, Shimon Peres and Peace

Israel has fallen in love with a JAC (Jewish American Comedian), and she may be our ticket to peace.

After 63 years of war, 44 years of Occupation, 11 years of Qassam (and other) rocket attacks from Gaza, 4 years of Hamas rule in Gaza, 121 settlements and over 100 outposts in the West Bank, approximately 700 checkpoints of various size and kind in the West Bank and at the borders, 6450 Palestinians and over 1000 Israelis killed as a result of the conflict since 29 Sept 2000, we may have finally found our answer to solution of the conflict:

Sarah Silverman


For some unclear reason, Shimon Peres, our President, listens to her, she is quoted by our media and received front and center stage at Peres' Presidential Conference held last week in Jerusalem.

Don't get me wrong; I think she is REALLY funny (though not quite sure why she strikes my funny bone so).  And if one - Peres - is going to hold such a big-name international conference, why not invite someone like Silverman (well I guess there really isn't anyone quite like her, except for perhaps Chris Rock, except that he's a guy, and he's African-American and not Jewish...) to bring even more attention to his event. 

But to invite Sarah Silverman in order to bring peace to the Middle East - now that is genius.

Yes I know that everyone thought that she was brought to add some comedy and laughter to the prestigious event. To strengthen the ties between American Jewry to Israel. But it seems that there was something else at play here, something a bit devious, something a bit daring.

Peres actually invited her to bring peace to our weary region.
Now I know that he will not admit this (another sign of the genius behind the move), but that has to be the real reason why she was invited.

She was invited to make us think about the absurdity of things
To think about alternative ways of viewing reality, and not accept things that we are told we must
To get us laughing at ourselves, to not take ourselves so seriously
To show us that you can be Jewish, support Obama, and be outrageous, and support Israel

Sarah Silverman, in her own crass and very funny way has shown us that we do not need to approach our life here only with sorrow and fear and anger and pain, but with life and laughter . She has reminded us that we can dare to say things out loud that have been hushed for too long

Peace with our neighbors
End to the war
End to the siege
End to the Occupation

Dear Mr. President - Please invite us to say some of these outrageous things on your stage next year at the Presidential Conference. We may not be as funny as Sarah Silverman, but we will do our best to make the audience - at the theatre and at home, across the nation - listen to our important message


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