Friday, August 5, 2011

Knesset ha'Bayta - Pipi v'Lishon

I want to be able to say that this latest proposal is going to the last in a line of anti-democratic, fascist, hateful bills
I want to be able to say that this latest law proposal is going to shake the foundations of the Knesset.
I want to be able to say that this latest racist proposal is going to shake the people of this country, who will rise up shouting: "We we will not let you turn us into a racist, fundamentalist state". (information on proposed law here)

But I can't.

This proposal, for a new Basic Law, aims to change the  existing definition of Israel as a "Jewish and democratic state" to "the national home for the Jewish people". This proposal also calls for Hebrew to be the country's only official language, removing Arabic from the list. This proposal was submitted by 40 'lawmakers' - 20 of whom come from the 'opposition' Kadima (!)

Shame on you Kadima
Shame on you Knesset

This proposed law joins a long list of other bills and proposals - to require loyalty oaths, to investigate funding sources of Israeli human rights organizations, to make it illegal to support the boycott of products from the Jewish settlements in the West Bank [that one became law], to outlaw the commemoration of al Naqba [that one became law], to require kindergarden children to begin the week with the singing of Hatikva and raising of the flag...

Follow the brown shirt road... to fascism
Follow the brown shirt road... to division
Follow the brown shirt road... to disenfranchisement of anyone not Jewish
Follow the brown shirt discrimination, and hatred

For the past three weeks, the country has been full of protest tents, from the north to the south. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are taking to the streets calling for all encompassing social-economic reform. The country is bringing together young and old, Jews and Arabs, from many sectors and professions, calling for social justice.

There can be no social justice if our 'lawmakers' propose and pass laws that disenfranschise, hunt down and/or ostracize anyone who is not Jewish, who does not conform to a very, very narrow and highly distorted definition of patriotism.

Here is my loyalty oath:
I am a patriotic Israeli
I believe in human and civil rights
for all
I believe in democracy
for all citizens
I believe in freedom
for all

I believe in peace - yes, even in Arabic

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