Sunday, August 14, 2011

yesterday Majdanek, tomorrow Treblinka

Majdanek - again, a killing camp, under beautiful skies.
Rows and rows and rows and rows of shoes that the camp guards confiscated from the prisoners (I touched some of them... hard as stones now...)

The gas chambers, the crematoria, the human dust

And all under beautiful skies, with a nice, gentle breeze blowing

How many pictures! I need to get a shot of the barracks from the right and from the left. I need to get them walking forward, and then looking back. I need to shoot the bunk beds in all of the barracks that are open to the public. Why? How will taking pictures of this bunk or that change history? Or what happened?

They won't.

On our way to a little town for lunch, I ask Noa - Are we going to see another killing pit before we buy our ice cream?

She smiles, and says no, no more today... but tomorrow...

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