Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last day in Poland - Returning to Life

Treblinka might have been the hardest camp, but it might have been because it was the last. Nothing remains. Nothing. The Nazi commanders and soldiers destroyed everything so there would no reminder of the 800,000 people that they murdered in just under a year.

Nothing remains but the trees, that tell the stories
Nothing remains but the stone monuments - 17,000 in number - the highest number of prisoners who were brought there in one day.
And who were killed.
Nothing remains but the stones that symbolize the train tracks, that came into the camp, and that continued out of the camp, but that actually led to nowhere.
Nothing remains but the huge mosquitoes - that bite you through your clothes.

Nothing remains but tears and tears and more tears.

We remember the victims with love in our hearts.
We remember the 70 people who managed to escape, with love in our hearts.
We remember and say:
Our monument to your suffering and pain and our revenge against the Nazi and Ukraine perpetrators who ran the camp will be our commitment to being good, kind, gentle people who are dedicated to working toward social justice for all - for a world of joint creation. Our monument to the victims will be expressed in our beliefs and our actions that honor men, women and children - regardless of their nationality, religion, background, race

May your names be for a blessing.

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