Thursday, August 4, 2011

Racists Ha'bayta - Pipi v'Lishon (Racists go home)

It was bound to happen, but it is so, so sad that it happened so quickly, and even sadder, that no one there has protested this new 'support'.

The extreme nationalistic right, the guys who set up settlements in the West Bank and often terrorize Palestinians, the guys who think that everything from the Mediterranean to Jordan is only for Jews, the guys who think that Palestinians have no, zero rights, have set up tents on Rothschild - joining the social-economic revolution. They want social-economic rights, but ONLY for Jews. (Click here to read Ha'aretz article)

Anyone can set up a tent there. When I was there two days ago, I saw young couples bringing tents and adding them to the long line, that originally began at Habima square. This is the nature of the protest - anyone and everyone can join. The good news is that this is a people's protest, and that it reflects real grievances being expressed at the grassroots level. The bad news is that anyone can join, anyone can pitch a tent, anyone can join in a demonstration, and so now we have racists, who are often violent, especially toward Palestinians, joining the call for social-economic reform - as long as it is only for Jews.

Their solution - build more and more and more houses in the settlements. Build more and more settlements. Expropriate more and more Palestinian land for exclusive Jewish use.

No thank you.

It is time for the initiators of this protest, and hopefully soon-to-be revolution, to disassociate themselves from this racist faction. It is time for the people of this country who truly want social-economic reform that will bring justice, to come out very very clearly with the message that racism has NO PART in such a reform. Social-economic justice means social-economic justice for all, not just for Jews.


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