Monday, August 22, 2011

The Social Revolution is Back On - Hopefully the Bombs/Rockets are Off

I got my anniversary wish - a cease fire officially went into effect yesterday evening at 21:00, but more concretely began this morning at 7:30, after the last (meanwhile) rocket hit a building in Eshkol Regional Council - the regional council in which my kibbutz is located. This gift was sweeter than any box of chocolates.

                                                 I will take a milk chocolate one, with a nut

Now we need to keep our fingers crossed and hope that neither the Israeli government, nor the Hamas government, nor the other militant factions in Gaza become trigger happy again. I wish that I could say that I trust any/all of these groups, but they have shown us just how unreliable and how disrespctful of human life they can all be.

And so now that the bombs and rockets are off, the social revolution is back on.
After a few days of being in shock, and a bit in a coma, because of the awful, truly awful security situation, signs of life are reappearing. Tomorrow there is a happening in Beer Sheva, as well as on Rotschild Blvd. where the revolution began.

Inshalla, we will all get back into the swing of things, and join together in a call for social-economic justice, as opposed to calls for the closest shelter.

Life is much better when it's a bowl of cherries
or a box of chocolate
or a bouquet of flowers
(we can't really characterize life here as any of these, but it's nice to dream)

Dear Hamas, Israeli government, Popular Resistance Committee and any other militant groups: (Why have I taken recently to addressing these 'leaders' so often lately?):

Please leave the bombs and rockets off!
To the militants in Gaza - at the end of the day's fast during this holy month of Ramadan, I will be glad to share with you chocolates and cherries.
You can have first pick - milk or dark chocolate, with nuts, nougat, or creme. You can have as many as you like.

I hope that one day, you 'leaders' will understand that your choices have been bad for your peoples. That instead of bringing us despair and death, you could be bringing creation and life.

People of Gaza and people of Israel: the social-economic revolution is back on. Let's bring on a peace revolution as well.

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